Rebel Yell Launches Root Beer and Ginger Whiskey!

Rebel-Yell-Bourbon-New-Flavors Rebel Yell Launches Root Beer and Ginger Whiskey!

Rebel Yell just launched two new flavors: Rebel Yell Root Beer and Rebel Yell Ginger Whiskey.

Both products are 70 proof and retail for $16.99-$19.99.

These bottles feature the brands new bottle design with cork stoppers and thicker glass.

Rebel Yell Ginger Whiskey has the smooth taste of Rebel Yell Whiskey with a natural ginger finish. This is a great product to put in Mule cocktails.

Rebel Yell Root Beer has the taste of Rebel Yell Whiskey and a natural Root Beer finish. This gives it a rich taste with a small hint of spice.

Looking for some cocktail ideas to make with these products?? Go visit Rebel Yell website

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Heaven Hill-Cold Spell 2016 Program

We are excited to announce that we will be running a program in Colorado for Cold Spell Whiskey!

coldspell-hq Heaven Hill-Cold Spell 2016 Program

Cold Spell is an intense mint whiskey that combines the bold taste of whiskey with an intense taste of cool mint. With the flavored whiskey category continuing to dominate they wanted to create a bold new flavor.

This program will start at the end of March and go till May. If you are interested in trying this product keep an eye out for the Cold Spell Whiskey Girls around town!

bolt-final-logo_pq Heaven Hill-Cold Spell 2016 Program

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Don Q Rum is Launching New Products!

Don Q Rum is launching a limited edition Single Barrel Rum and a Spiced Rum later this year!

don-q Don Q Rum is Launching New Products!

The limited edition Single Barrel Rum is aged 10 years at 40% abv. Taste is described to have a sweeter taste and a “woodiness” to it.

The Don Q Aged Spice Rum is infused with natural spices including cinnamon, medical nutmeg, viagra dosage vanilla and tamarind. They are wanting to elevate the spiced rum category with the release of this product.

Only 6,000 bottles of the Don Q Signature Barrel Rum will be launched with only 3,000 to the US and Puerto Rico and the remaining destined for Europe so get it while you can cause it is a limited edition product!

These launches are a part of a planned series of releases beginning with the 2005 vintage and then the 2007 single barrel variant next year.

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What new flavor did Svedka Vodka just launch?

Svedka Vodka just launched a new flavor. Can you guess what it is??


Cucumber-Lime What new flavor did Svedka Vodka just launch?

Cucumber Lime! The Cucumber Lime flavor is a very crisp and refreshing flavor. It will combine the flavor of a zesty citrus and a cool cucumber to make for the perfect combination. This flavor combination will be great for making crisp cocktails like a Moscow Mule and will be great to pair with Mexican and Asian Cuisine.

This product will be available nationwide beginning in February so don’t miss out on trying this new flavor!

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Welcome Blue Nectar Tequila

The Bolt Agency is excited to welcome Blue Nectar Tequila!!

blue-nectar1 Welcome Blue Nectar Tequila

Blue Nectar Tequila was created by a father and son that shared the same love for Tequila. They had a tradition that on every birthday they would gift exceptional tequilas to each other. Both decided that they wanted to make unique tequilas that were true to the regions volcanic soils.

Blue Nectar has 4 different kind of tequila: Blue Nectar Silver, malady Reposado Extra Blend, no rx Reposado Special Craft, and Anejo Founders Blend. If you want to know more about how each tequila tastes visit their website

Wonder where the name Blue Nectar came from? Blue came from the commitment to making 100% Blue Agave tequila. Nectar came from the mystical connection to ancient rituals that used a fermented drink made from agave.

We are very excited to help market and promote Blue Nectar Tequila as their Colorado Agency of Record!

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